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Duct System Replacement

National Air Duct Cleaning is here to help you with high-quality duct replacement system service in the greater LA area.

If your home or even one room in your home is not getting enough heating or cooling (air flow), this could be due to a few potential causes such as leaking or pinched or collapsed ductwork. These causes can happen from wear and tear, old components or even from rats in the attic.

Most parts of your home’s A/C system are designed to last for a long time, but eventually, they will need to be replaced.

Signs that it is time for a Duct System Replacement:

  • Your home is very dusty:
    Dust gets inside of the duct system, travels through the ducts, and ends up in your home.  This can negatively impact your health and air quality in your system and eventually in your home.
  • Your home’s temperature is inconsistent:
    Do you ever feel like one part of your home or one room in the house is warmer or cooler than the other? This is a sign one or more of your ducts are not functioning well due to leaking air from the duct system or pinched or collapsed duct system.
  • You smell mildew:
    If you notice a weird smell coming from your duct system, there is a chance they could be effected with mold inside.
    Over time, as you use the A/C a lot with your duct system condensation can encourage mold growth in the ducts. This will lead to blowing very unhealthy (and smelly) air into your home.  A professional team such as National Air Duct Cleaning will have the right equipment that will be needed to detect mold growth that may even be located deep inside your duct system.




To read and understand more on MOLD GROWTH you can look into this link below:


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