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Do Air Purifier Work?

Do Air Purifier Work?

Do Air Purifier Work?

Air purifier uses an internal fans system to pull the air in your home via various filters that get rid of harmful
impurities such as dust, smoke, pollen, and bacteria.
Once it has purified the air, it circulates it back into the room. The process keeps on repeating itself
severally, thus keeping your environment healthy.
There are many reasons why you need an air purifier in your home. Continue reading to understand why it’s
necessary for your home.

• It Ensures Your Family Breathe Clean Air
It’s estimated that indoor air can be five times dirtier than the outdoor air. In some cases, this may soar up
100 times dirtier. Having a good air purifier will keep you and your family health.

• Removing Unpleasant Odors
There are various causes of unpleasant odors in your house. You may fry fish in your house and make every
corner smell fish. An air purifier will completely get rid of the smell and you will immediately get clean air.

• Neutralizes SmokeSmoke can cause discomfort in the house.
You may have a family member who is a smoker or you like fireplaces which eventually make your home have a dingy smell.
In such instances, an air purifier will trap
the smoke prior to ending up in your upholstery.

• Dust Trapping
You will never lack dust in your home regardless of the effort you put to ensure your home is clean. Dust
must accumulate. An air purifier will trap the dust before settling reducing the build-up and leave you with
less to nothing to clean.


• Traps Airborne Allergens Released By Pet
Yes! You love your pet, but your friend has to release pet fur, dander among other airborne allergens. These
allergens will pollute the air in your home and cause smells.
Having an air purifier in your home, these allergens will be combated before settling into your home and you
continue enjoying clean air.

• Combating Seasonal Allergens
Seasonal allergens have always caused problems for many people. An air purifier will help you keep away
the allergens from your home which make you uncomfortable when breathing.

• Removes 99% of Airborne Bacteria
Tiny airborne particles such as mold spores, pollen among other bacteria floating around in the air. This results
in your family getting sick.
Through repeatedly air cycling in the room, air purifier gets rid of about 99 percent of these pollutants.

• Stops Spreading Of Germs and Sickness
Never worry about catching your spouse’s cold or children’s flu. An air purifier will capture and totally neutralize
all these airborne allergens up to 99.97 percent and the risk of being infected will be minimal.

• Keep Your Lungs Healthy
If you are consistently exposed to dander, pollen, dust, and other particles can result in breathing problems
for you and the entire family. However, if you have an air purifier in your home all these allergens are
trapped and you are confident you will have healthy lungs for years.


An air purifier is worth having it in your home. This appliance plays a vital role in ensuring your family
remains in good and healthy conditions.
If you had not purchased yours, it’s the high time you buy now and keep the odor, smoke, pollen, airborne
allergens among others at a bay.